Del-York International and New York Film Academy Workshops in Lagos, August 2011

Del York International is partnering with New York Film Academy to host a one month course on filmmaking in Lagos, in August 2011. Nigerian directors, Stephanie Okereke and multiple AMAA-award winning Kunle Afolayan have attended New York Film Academy courses in other locations. This is a unique opportunity for filmmakers and those interested in breaking into the industry to attend these courses in Nigeria. They have some SCHOLARSHIPS available, but the deadline is tomorrow, 11 July 2011 (It has been extended from the original deadline of 4 July 2011. UPDATE 12 July 2011: The deadline for scholarship applications has now been extended to 18 July 2011). If you are interested in attending the programme but don’t have a lot of funds available, be sure to register by tomorrow, so that you can apply for a scholarship.

Here is more information on the programme:

The Del-York/New York Film Academy hands-on intensive Training Program, is scheduled to hold from August 8th to September 3rd, 2011 in Lagos. Previous editions of the course took place in Abuja in 2010. You can read testimonials of students here.

Available classes  are Acting, Directing, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Digital Photography, Final Cut Pro, 3D Animation, Producing, Screenwriting, Broadcast Journalism, Music Video Production, Costume Design & Make-Up, Set Design, Graphics and Special Effects, and a Compulsery course on Filmmaking in Nigeria. For more information on each class, go to the class page and click on each course offering.

The course is open to anyone with a secondary school leaving certificate. Upon the completion of the workshop, all students who satisfy the graduation requirements will receive the NYFA diploma certificate to be presented to all participating students that have successfully completed the training program.

Click here to register online through the Del-York International website. 

  • Registration fee is N3, 000 or $20 equivalent.
  • Please Note: Before you can apply for the available scholarships, we need to receive confirmation of online registration  and registration payment of N3, 000 Or $20
  • The closing date for online registration is 25th July, 2011

The cost of training program

  1. Entire program (includes accomodations and tuition for the four week programme) = $5,000
  2. Tuition (excludes accomodations) = $3,500 

Please note: This fee does not include personal expenses or transportation expenses to or from the venue in Lagos.

For further information, see the Frequently Asked questions on the website, or contact Del-York by writing an email to or calling 0805 888 3888

22 responses to “Del-York International and New York Film Academy Workshops in Lagos, August 2011

  1. Qudus Olarewaju Mustapha, The fee is payable at Zenith bank, follow the links to the Del-York website for instructions. Good luck. Also, you have until 18 July to apply for a scholarship.

  2. To whom it may concern, if after d payment of a whooping $5000 n succefully completing the course, then what next?

  3. If after paying d N3000 for scholarship n i didnt make the scholarship(God forbid) do i still have to pay the dollar sum to be enrolled?

  4. Chris, I suggest you contact Del-York with your questions. Follow the link to the website. They have a phone number listed. I am just providing the information about the programme, as sent to me for the benefit of those looking for film training opportunities. What you do with the training is up to you. I agree that it is a lot of money, and, yes, I believe the N3000 registration is required whether or not you recieve a scholarship. If you don’t think the course is worth that, then there are other training programmes listed on this blog and other websites that you can look into.

  5. to whom it may concern u cant use a month to learn anything in film school ur just going to pay 5000 dollars for nothing. as any bodybody that has being to a film school.or u can come over to pefti and take ur time and learn the act of film makeing

  6. I would have loved to attend but that $5000 is a whooping sum. My people no be yam oh…

  7. adeyemi olowoshagba

    the price is too much on the high side, are they trying to enrich their own pockets or help the industry to grow? 3,500 dollars for just a month training and workshop, haba……. you guys should try and bring it down a little bit abeg, a lot of us are really interested but that kind of price is for sons and daughters of politicians who can easily embezzle money to pay for their children, not for hustling guys like us who really have a passion for these industry and want it to grow. with 5,000 dollars, i can go to india to study the same course. you guys should try and give it a second thought.

  8. Pls where is the venue for this programme

  9. This is unbelievably stupid of d nigerian government to have allowed such a film making school in this country with the motive of extorting good citizens of nigeria whom with 5000 USD they could be called KINGS AND QUEENS in their Motherland. Del- York International we DON’T need you!!!

  10. wow the money is like letin hell luz i swear it can cos robry o pls u guys should bring it down to d average mans pocket pls

  11. we need to attend this programe but…

  12. I beg make una talk to this people oo wey say dem wan help us wey be the Niger Delta people, na where dem want make we go get such money from, abi dem want make i go turn armed robber. Ahhh i beg ooo, una for no kuku come at all nah.

  13. Wel my peeps said it all. This programme is too expensive 4 an average man to afford. I dont understand y our peeps are nt live giver instead they turn death giver. Is dis peeps nt da niger delta who knows hw our economy is so bad and average nigerian youths are cryin 4 unemployment? Abeg, u guys should give us a break, cos theres no time we nigerian legionaire are gonna fall 4 dat crap of amount. Wel as 1 of my able sharp naija guy said, ‘some nigerian politician embezzler can afford 2 pay 4 there puppets’ but 4 me i am hustlin on my own and it difficult 2 raise dat kinda amount, though i sinserely wanted 2 attend dis workshop. So gudluck 2 those who are fortunate 2 attend. My time shall come wit or without delyork

  14. The moni is far too much for a month.

  15. haba abeg,ple shld jst v mercy & b compassionate.where on earth n dis world am i suppose 2 raise dt kinda amt of moni 2 attend a 1mth training course cos i wanna beta ma skills & b professional,even if i sleep wt several men 4 jst one month,i neva will b able 2 raise such kind of ridiculous amt,$5000 or $3000,haba its not fair @ all,jst like sum1 rightly pointed,d training prog will b attended by d sons of mister & misses moni embezzler & swindler n d contri,i will mk it wt or wtout delyork–& not 2 tik dt ple r sponsoring it,gud grief

  16. It a gud idea but xpensive 1 n i don’t think there is a silver linin behind dis dark cloud delyork i just wish i could

  17. men! I go wit ma fellow Nija it intrestin but na moni kill am o.

  18. Gud day sir, l`m cletus frm pray to God daily is,lord to whom will help fufil my destiny.what am about to solicit from is a very big thing.finding your self doing what you love in life matters alot to me.No matter how much you again can never be compired to the joy & happiness you get from your own desire.what am l talking about,all my days & dreams is becoming a move director,edictor & D.O.P. but to no work out for me that way.when l watch sum international moves than it aways comes to mind that some day Nigerians will produce more better than these films.God has given some moves of which about them that they could not don in nigeria but letter it came notice that if God can give that in Nigeria, and a nigerian.pls in oda to build my country l have been looking for place where l can under go alot of training to b what l want to be.please l need help & assitance on that please.l believe that there are people out there will be willing to help but they will be afriad of helping.please l beg you don’t be, because you fail to help millions.Helping one can help thousand and millions. contact me at or call 07062730822.08024396809

  19. when is your next program for 2012

  20. oluwamatthew Bisong

    When is the next programme coming up pls update me

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