Popular Media Coverage of the Hausa Film Industry

Here we plan to post as many links as possible to articles in the popular press about the Hausa entertainment industry. If you’d like to help us, send links to articles not yet listed here to hausahomevideoresource @ gmail.com


2013-3-1. “My religion and culture stopped me from acting in Nollywood–Ahlan.” Blueprint.

2013-2-4. “Hira da Saratu Gidado (Daso). Radio France International (RFI)

2013-2-4 “Saratu Gidado: I love playing ‘wicked’ roles.’ Naij.com

2013-1-19. “Why I compromised Teaching for Acting-Sadisu Abba Sawaba.Leadership.

2013-1-18. “Maryam Umar’s death, the ‘real story’ by Misbahu Ahmed.” Blueprint.

2013-1-4. “The film aspect of me was formed from writing-Sadisu Mohammad.” Blueprint.


2012-12-29. “I am not a snob-Maryam Booth.” Leadership.

2012-12-25. “Arewa artistes raise c’ttee on Hausa cultural heritage.Blueprint. 

2012-12-14. “Why I did not marry Safiya Musa-Yakubu Lere.” Blueprint.

2012-12-7. “Love songs don’t bother me-Hassana A. Baba (Maryam).” Blueprint.

2012-11-24 “Fati Ladan: The story that failed to make me unpopular.” Weekly Trust.

2012-11-23 “How I convinced Samira Ahmed to marry me–TY Shaban.” Blueprint.

2012-11-23. “Daughter of Tanimu Akawu, Kannywood actor, married.Blueprint.

2012-11-17 “Gudaliya: The film that landed Sani Danja, others in court.”  Weekly Trust.

2012-11-17 “The Fantasy World of Movies.” Sun News Online.

2012-11-16. “The Kannywood-Bollywood Connection.” Blaftronic Halwa.

2012-11-14- “My Film was Released By Mistake- Sani DanjaDaily Trust.

2012-11-13. “Kannywood Star Sani Danja jailed by Kano Tribunal.” Blueprint.

2012-11-12. “Nuhu: the man behind NTA movies.” Blueprint.

2012-11-4. “Filmi Affair in Nigeria.” Pune Mirror.

2012-11-3. “Making History with Balaraba Ramat Yakubu’s novel Sin is a Puppy….Weekly Trust.

2012-11-4. “How Bollywood fought for the Nigerian woman.” DNA: Daily News and Analysis.

2012-10-27. “We can achieve peace through music – Bature.” Weekly Trust.

2012-10-26. “My saddest moment:  not marrying the Man I loved because of my profession–Maryam Booth.” Blueprint.

2012-10-24. “Africa High Tech.” Williamette Week.

2012-10-20 “Revisiting the Kano censorship crisis in Iyan-Tama’s Kurkuku.” Weekly Trust.

2012-10-18. “Momoh and Maryam Won Afro Hollywood Awards.” Kannywood Scene.

2012-10-9 “Kannywood, the growth of a Nigerian Language Industry.” Nigerians Talk.

2012-9-14. “I’m in acting to earn a decent living-Fiddousi Idris.” Blueprint.

2012-9-13. “I’m still alive-Ali Nuhu.” Blueprint.

2012-9-9. “Marketers determine who stars in Kannywood” (with Alhaji Ado Abba Tudun Wada). Sunday Trust.  

2012-9-8. “Nollywood’s Incursion into African Cinema Studies.”Weekly Trust.

2012-9-2 “I will never quite film-making -Dan Ibro.”  Sunday Trust.

2012-8-31. “Acting is fun and good business-Hannatu Bashir.” Blueprint.

2012-8-24. “We are like one family in Hausa movie industry, says Ladidi Fagge.” Blueprint.

2012-8-20. “Nollywood 2.0: Taking on the World.” Derin by Day/African Courier.

2012-8-17.  “I am not wayward-Hauwa Waraka.” Blueprint.

2012-8-10. “I did not make money out of my song for Kwankwaso-Nazifi Asnanic.” Blueprint.

2012-7-28. “In Kannywood, Aminu Sheriff is the Don.” The Guardian.

2012-7-18. “Kano govt to partner with film actors for job creation.” Blueprint.

2012-7-8. “Finally Dawayya Gets Hooked.” Sunday Trust.

2012-7-6. “No regrets over my crashed affair with Adam Zango-Nafisa Abdullahi.” Blueprint.

2012-6-17 “Sani Danja to shoot film on sickle cell disorder.” Sunday Trust

2020-6-16. “I’m in Kannywood Just for my Fans – Abdullahi 4Real.Leadership.

20102-6-15. “I never offered my body to anybody for a movie role-Halima Yusuf Atete.” Blueprint.

2012-6-10 “I’m now involved in mega movies-Yakubu MohammedSunday Trust.

2012- 6-9. “Acting has positively influenced my life – Hadiza Gabon.” Leadership. 

2012-5-30. “Tozali Magazine’s Henna Ball: a night of glitz and fun.” Blueprint.

2012-5-26. “Kwankwaso is a Messiah to the Film Industry – Afakallah.” Leadership.

2012-5-20. “We should put aside tribalism in Movie Making-Binta Yahaya.” Leadership.

2012-5-12 “Kannywood is Key to Nigeria Entertainment Industry-Dila” Leadership

2012-5-11. “Contemporary Hausa literature and Nigerian Literature.Blueprint.

2012-5-5 “A Bari Ya Huce – Ziriums Part 1VOA Hausa

2012-4-29 “I can pick anybody off the street and make him an actor” (An interview with Hausa film director Faika Ibrahim Rahi) Sunday Trust

2012-4-29 “Behold! The Prettiest Kannywood Actress” (An interview with actress Rahma Hassan) Leadership

2012-4-27. “Fati Nijar: How pirates robbed me of millions of naira.” Blueprint.

2012-4-28 “Northern elites should invest in Kannywood-Yakubu” (An interview with actor Haruna Yakubu) Leadership

2012-4-22 “Why I’m promoting Fulfulde Movie-Agara” (Interview with Fulfulde producer Abdoulahi Agara)  Sunday Trust

2012-4-21 “The Vanishing Dankwairo’s Musical Relics” Leadership

2012-4-21 “How I started composing modern Hausa beats-Rabi’u Dalle” Weekly Trust

2012-4-18 “My life as an artiste and development worker-Sufi” (Interview with writer and actor Musa Abdullahi Sufi) Sunday Trust

2012-4-17 “DSTV Expands Africa Magic Channels” Daily Times

2012-4-16 “How the New York Film Academy Discovered Gold in the Developing World” (mentions director Ishaq Sidi Ishaq) Capital New York

2012-4-14 “Some Artists are paid as low as One Thousand Naira-Baba Kannywood” (Interview with actor Labaran A. Aujera) Leadership

2012-4-13. “How I gave my Camerounian fan over N30,000, but lost her number-Mustapha Musty.” Blueprint. 

2012-04-08 “I have never flirted with an Actress-Ishaq” (Interview with director and actor Ishaq Sidi Ishaq) Leadership

2012-4-7 “Censorship and the New Face of Kannywood” Leadership

2012-4-6. “I never chased an actress, says Aminu Momoh.” Blueprint.

2012-4-5. “Zainab Ahmed: We don’t have leaders in the North.” Blueprint.

2012-4-1 “Marketers Collect Films on Credit-Gambo” (Interview with producer and director Gambo Usman Wase) Leadership

2012-3-25 “I can Marry a Poor Man If….-Actress” (Fatima Musa) Leadership

2012-3-23. “Hadiza Gabon on marriage, morality, and some Kannywood notions.Blueprint.

2012-3-17 “Triple fete for Ali NuhuWeekly Trust

2012-3-16. “Singers should imbibe a sense of unity-Sadiq Zazzabi.” Blueprint.

2012-3-13. “Cross Culture Filming – Nollywood.” Netribution.

2012-3-11 “Abba: Bold, Upcoming and Free” Leadership

2012-3-10 “Taking Hausa films to the world with Hausafilm.tvWeekly Trust (hard copy)

2012-3-9-22 “Kaddara ce ta hana ni aure Adam A. Zango-Maryam Booth” Rariya

2012-3-9 “Party politics is killing the Hausa film industry-Aisha DankanoBlueprint, pp. 33 and 34

2012-3-3 “I was once stalked by a female fan-Ali Nuhu” Leadership

2012-3-2. “I was born into the movie industry-Abubakar Yusuf Ladan.” Blueprint.

2012-2-24. “I lost my chance to get married to society’s perception-Aishatu El-Nafaty.” Blueprint.

2012-2-18 “Actors don’t Remain with One Lady for Long-Nafisa” (Interview with actress Nafisa Abdullahi) Leadership

2012-2-17. “Why I refuse to become an actress-[Film Editor] Hauwa A. Bello.” Blueprint.

2012-2-11 “Sani Danja puts fans in Valentine’s mood.” National Mirror.

2012-2-10 “Emir of Kano gave me what I will cherish for Life–Aminu Ala.” Blueprint.

2012-2-4 “Why I’m not going into Nollywood now-Nafisa Abdullahi” Weekly Trust.

2012-1-28 “Ali Nuhu Stars in New Gambian Movie” Nollywood by Mindspace.

2012-1-21 “Nollywood pays better than Kannywood -Hauwa Maina” Weekly Trust.

2012-1-15 “Being a film producer will take nothing from my music career-Nazifi AsnanicSunday Trust

2012-1-14 “Puzzle as convicted Nollywood actress escapes prison custody” Vanguard

2012-1-8 “Kannywood actress, Rabi Ismail escapes from jail” Nigerian Compass.


2011-12-17 “Lawal Kaura-Exit of One of Kannywood’s Most Versatile” Weekly Trust.

2011-12-5 “Sani Danja: Musician, actor extra-ordinaire.” National Accord.

2011-11-26 “For next movie, Gyang mixes blood and henna” Weekly Trust.

2011-11-19 “I was born to be an actor-Iyan Tama” Weekly Trust.

2011-11-19 “XDOGGinit: I Met an African Dream Waiting to come true” Weekly Trust.

2011-11-19 “Profit-making, Bane of Nigerian Film Industry-Emmanuel France” Leadership.

2011-11-13 “How Kannywood started like child’s play-Umar Gombe” Sunday Trust.

2011-11-12 “Equestrian Elegance at Sallah-time” Weekly Trust.

2011-11-6 “All set for shooting of Kannywood blockbuster” Sunday Trust.

2011-11-5 “Duniya Juyi Juyi: Life from the eyes of the almajirai” Weekly Trust.

2011-10-29 “Kannywood gets SMEDAN Funding Scheme” Leadership.

2011-10-22 “Kannywood Actor Denied Bail Over Murder of Newborn Baby” Daily Trust.

2011-10-15 “Film star on trial for murder” Daily Times.

2011-9-23 “Sani Danja: We don’t have media support in the north” Peoples Daily Online.

2011-9-11 “The First Hausa Movie to be Shot in India” Nigerianfilms.com (Culled from Leadership)

2011-9-3 “African Actors Shortchange Themselves-Binta” Leadership.

2011-9-3 “Biannual Showdown as Congress Dissolves MOPPAN Executives” Leadership

2011-8-13 “From Kano to Lagos, all for a concert!” Weekly Trust.

2011-8-8 “‘Ka ya ce’ Has a Lesson for everyone-ProducerLeadership

2011-8-6 “Kannywood is a subdued industry–Sani Danja” Weekly Trust.

2011-8-2 “On its way back” Newswatch

2011-8-2 “President Jonathan, Please Help Me-Hajiya Jummai” Leadership

2011-7-30 “Nollywood and its terminology migraines” Weekly Trust.

2011-7-26 “Kannywood Disassociates self from convicted actress” Sunday Trust.

2011-7-16 “Mother mourns as Nollywood actress awaits the hangman” The Nation Online.

2011-7-16 “On a Nollywood myth and the rise of Nigerian Cinema” Weekly Trust.

2011-7-9 “Supreme Court affirms death sentence on actress” Daily Independent.

2011-7-8 “Nigeria actress Rabi Ismail’s death sentence upheld,” BBC

2011-7-8 “Actress to die by hanging, says S-Court” Vanguard.

2011-7-4 “The Big Names in Hausa Movie Industry,” Peoples Daily Online.

2011-7-2 “Nigerian Copyright Commission vs. pirates: 5 things that should be done” Weekly Trust.

2011-6-11 “Found… in translation” (Ibrahim Waziri’s translation of “Bankwana na K’auna/Farewell to a beloved” by Yakubu Mohammad) Weekly Trust.

2011-6-11 “An Afternoon with Ali Nuhu,” Weekly Trust.

2011-6-11 “My life, my songs, by Dan Maraya Jos” Weekly Trust.

2011-6-8 “Rukayya Umar, famous face of Kanywood” National Mirror.

2011-5-27 “Lawal kaura a da’irar Facebook” Aminiya

2011-5-16 “Shekarau: Graceful Exit from Kano Govt House.” Nigerian Tribune.

2011-5-12 “Nigeria: Death Sentence – Hausa Actress Knows Fate July 8” Daily Trust.

2011-5-12 “PDP Frowns at Provocative Political Songs in Kano.” PM News

2011-5-7 “Why I’m called Dan Hausawa” Weekly Trust.

2011-5-6 “How I’ll run my govt, by Kano governor-elect” Daily Triumph

2011-5-5 “Babu abin da ya samu Sani Danja, ni aka yi wa barna – Isma’ila Afakallah” Aminiya.

2011-4-28 “Tauraruwar Sangaya, Fati Muhammad ta yi aure” Aminiya.

2011-4-21 “Wasu ma’aikatan sassan fim biyu da muhimmancinsu” Aminiya.

2011-4-16 “Honouring Kannywood: In Memory of Maryam Umar Aliyu” Weekly Trust.

2011-4-14 “Muna yin wasan kwaikwayo da nufin wayar da kan mata” Aminiya

2011-4-9 “From FESPACO 2011: inspirations for Kannywood” Weekly Trust.

2011-4-9 “We are still one – Danja, Yax” Leadership

2011-4-2 “Goodluck’s Pledge to Fight Piracy: Hausa Filmmakers Wants Fund Without Stiff Conditions.” Leadership

2011-3-12 “Pacesetting: CCDP Transforming ‘Nupewood'” Leadership

2011-2-26 “Makuwa and the beauty of detail in Aisha Halilu’s films” Weekly Trust.

2011-2-5 “I invest so much in movies to improve standards, says Sani Danja” Peoples Daily Online.

2011-1-29 “Ascending to cloud 9 with Hausa film Duniyar Sama” Weekly Trust.

2011-1-20 “Ni da harkar fim mutu ka raba -dandugaji” Aminiya


2010-11-27 “Saying farewell to ‘Mama Dumba'” Weekly Trust.

2010-11-17 “Nupewood Shine at Festival of Indigenous Films Skip to Content” Nigeriafilms.com (culled from Leadership)

2010-10-23 “Questioning love of the Hausa kind” (a review of the film Balaraba), Weekly Trust.

2010-10-17. “My Stay in Prison was a blessing – Iyantama.” Sunday Trust.

2010-5-7 “Yoruba, Hausa movie channels thrive on Dstv” Nigeriafilms.com


2009-8-27. “Nollywood: Origin and Unresolved Problems.” Modern Ghana.

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  17. Make it up and keep it up, in any business there is ALLAH. And i will continiue give my contribution in a field of script written,directing,and editing, too as every body known. My movies mention below. Takaddama,BakanDabo,hantsaki,dan sanda abokin koowa,ali kwara,sawun giwa,wali mijin mai kosai,etc may Allah bless hausa movie @intishar multimedia zoo rd kano

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