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Lights, Camera, Africa! 2011 Film Festival, Lagos, 30 September -2 October 2011

Reel Life Film Club announces:

For the first time ever, the African Film Festival, Inc, New York (AFF) and the Reel Life Film Club at The Life House are partnering to host “Lights, Camera, AFRICA! 2011”, a film festival showcasing some of the most exciting and original pieces of African cinema from within the continent and the Diaspora.

The film festival will hold over the Nigerian Independence day holidays from Friday 30 September to Sunday 2 October 2011 at The Life House, Lagos and other locations which will be confirmed in due course.

For almost twenty years, AFF has bridged the divide between post-colonial Africa and the American public through the medium of film. AFF’s unique place in the international arts community is distinguished not only by leadership in festival management but a comprehensive approach to the advocacy of African film and culture.

The Reel Life Film Club at The Life House aims to support the work of the AFF in ensuring that stories by African filmmakers are also enjoyed by an African audience that does not often have access to good quality African films.

The Lights, Camera, AFRICA! 2011 Film Festival aims to stimulate discourse on issues and experiences that are rooted in the African experience. In this way, African stories will also be consumed by those who live them.

This year’s inaugural theme is centred around the heady days of colonial Africa and the continent’s response to these challenges in more recent times. The line-up of films includes documentaries, features and shorts. The works come from all over the continent and the Diaspora and address a wide range of issues including the environment, traditionalism, spirituality, immigration, entrepreneurship and not least, independence.

Proposed Films to be screened at the Film Festival

* A History of Independence (Senegal)
* AVA (Nigeria)
* Burning in the Sun (Mali)
* Clouds Over Conakry (Guinea)
* Cuba: An African Odyssey (Egypt)
* Epilogue (Nigeria)
* Ousmane (Senegal)
* One Small Step (Nigeria)
* One Way Touareg (Italy)
* Pumzi (Kenya)
* Sex, Okra and Salted Butter (Chad/France)
* Soul Boy (Kenya)
* The Lunatic (Nigeria)
* White Wedding (South Africa)

For information on participation, sponsorship and film schedules email us at reelifehouse@gmail.com or call +234 703 4030683 and +234 703 4170400