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Invitation to Screening of Sandar Kiwo in Niamey/Gayyata Zuwa Kannon Fim Din Sandar Kiwo a Yamai

A screening of Sandar Kiwo, a film by Gidan Dabino International, directed by Falalu A. Dorayi, will be showing at Radio Alternative in Niamey, Niger, on 8 July 2011, at 8pm. The film, a family drama on betrayal and a mother’s love, has also been screened in the U.K., Germany, Poland, and India. The producer Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino,  one of the founders of the Hausa film industry, is the best selling author of In Da So da Kauna and actor in the movie by the same name, as well as the  2009 winner of the Engineer Mohammad Bashir Karaye Prize in Hausa Literature for his play Malam ZalimuSandar Kiwo is in Hausa and is subtitled in English and in French.

Starring: Rahama Hassan, Shehu Hassan Kano, Aminu Shariff Momo, Jamila Haruna (deceased), Jamila Umar Nagudu, Ummi Aminu, Rukayya Isa, Fati K.K. and Sani Idris Moda.

Une projection de Sandar KIWO, un film de Gidan Dabino internationale, dirigée par A. Falalu Dorayi, sera diffusée à Radio Alternative à Niamey, au Niger, le 8 Juillet 2011, à 20 heures. Le film, un drame familial sur la trahison et l’amour d’une mère, a fait des tournées en Angleterre, en Poland, en India, et en Allemagne. Le producteur Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino, l’un des fondateurs de l’industrie cinématographique haoussa, est l’auteur du best-seller In Da So da Kauna et acteur dans le film du même nom, il est aussi le lauréat 2009 du prix de l’ ingénieur Mohammad Bashir Karaye en littérature haoussa pour son jeu Malam Zalimu. Sandar KIWO est en haoussa et sous-titré en anglais et en français.

Vedettes: Rahama Hassan, Hassan Shehu Kano, Aminu Shariff Momo, Jamila Haruna (décédé), Jamila Umar Nagudu, Ummi Aminu, Rukayya Isa, Fati KK et Sani Idris Moda

The original invitation in Hausa is below:

A ranar juma’a 8/7/2011 da misalign karfe 8:00 na dare za a nuna fim din SANDAR KIWU ga mutanen kasar Nijar da makotansu, a gidan rediyon Alternative da ke birnin Yamai, jamhuriyyar Nijar. Don haka ana gayyatar kowa da kowa. Sai kun zo.

To watch the trailers, click below:

Short Trailer:

Long Trailer:

3 Week “Film in a Box Courses” from Africa Film Academy

The Africa Film Academy, an institution associated with the African International Film Festival and the Africa Movie Academy Awards, is offering 3 week all-round film courses, called “film in a box,” in acting, editing, cinematography, and scriptwriting across Africa in July 2011. The courses will available in Banjul, The Gambia, Johannesburg, South Africa, and Lagos, Nigeria.

Students are required to go from basics to some form of knowledge base on the area of the course they decide to follow at the end of the three week training courses.

The students are divided into two team that build on a production which is basically a film not exceeding 90 minutes in parallel and intersecting with the courses.

For more information on the courses, click here. To apply or see the course fees, click here.

Centre for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema opens a website

Beti Ellerson, founder of the Centre for the Study and Reseach of African Women in Cinema

For those interested in research or resources on African women in cinema, a new website is under construction for the Centre for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema. The online centre

has as its objective, to provide a space for study and research of myriad topics relating to African women in cinema.

Scholar and filmmaker, Beti Ellerson who started and is running the initiatives spoke of the reasoning behind the centre in an interview with Africine:

Wanting to continue to update and document the experiences of African women in cinema, but realizing the generally fixed state and linearity of the book and film-in hard copy, I followed the trend of new media and social networking to continue the project, which provided the means to continually update information. Understanding the importance of a global database available to anybody, anywhere, I wanted to provide an online resource. I launched the Center for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema, as a virtual environment in which cultural producers, scholars, students, and the general public may research information relating to African women in cinema: filmmakers, actors, producers, and all film professionals. As social media and video sharing have become central features of the Internet, the Center extends to include the African Women in Cinema Blog, and a presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Currently the website, which is still being developed, provides links to the resource rich African Women in Cinema blog, out of which the centre seems to have grown, as well as a video blog on which you can watch content about and by African women filmmakers and feeds you can follow on social networking sites facebook and twitter.