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Kannywood Award 2013 held tonight at 8pm

The Kannywood Award 2013 is being held tonight in Kano to begin at 8pm, honouring Kannywood in the film categories of Best Lead Actor, Best Actress, Best Comic Actor,  Best Sounds, Costume, Best Picture, Cinematography, Best Actor in a Villain Role, Best Editor, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Set Design, Soundtrack, Supporting Actress, New Coming Actress, New Coming Actor, Visual Effects, Best Kid Actor, Best Original Story, and finally Best Film. In the Music categories, they will be giving awards for Best Music, Best Lyrics, Best Background Singer Male, Best Background Singer Female.

For more information on the actors to be honoured, see the post by Kannywood Gossip Arena.

And for a complete list of nominees for the award categories and a copy of the invitation, see A Tunanina.